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History of The Beanie

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In the beginning of the 20th century, the word ‘beanie’ was derived from the slang for ‘head’ used then as ‘bean’. Blue-collared workers were the first to use brimless skullcaps to keep their hair from interfering in their work. These were brimless in order prevent the rims from blocking the sight of these laborers. Soon the kids too followed suit and began wearing these beanie caps while going to school. The beanie then turned into today’s baseball cap, though the children’s beanies turned into hats and since the 1920’s, became immensely famous amongst U.S. college students. These beanie caps worn by students generally have the college or school colors on them, the year of graduation of the wearer and some symbol or other sign related to the school. A small propeller was added on top of the beanie, making it even more popular amongst children. However, the children grew out of it and the beanies lost its popularity. Woolen fleece in the 1990s are now being worn in the cold regions, hinting the comeback of beanie caps.

Some of the most famous beanies ever belong to characters from the comics, cartoons or television. The Archie comic series featured Jughead Jones, who wore a beanie that resembled a crown. Spanky from the band Our Gang wore a form of beanie, as did Goober Pyle from “The Andy Griffith Show.” Perhaps the most famous beanie ever belonged to a cartoon character. The cartoon “Beany and Cecil” featured a boy named Beany who wore a propeller beanie that allowed him to fly.

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